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Proper Use and Care Instructions

Can I hang the mirror upside down?

Although it’s not designed to be hung, you can improvise and hang the mirror upside down with a hook using one of the handles of the mirror. Make sure the hook is secure and can hold the weight of the mirror.

Why is reflecting sunlight against the mirror dangerous?

Any material that can concentrate or reflect the sun’s rays like glass can potentially be a fire safety hazard. For your safety, please DO NOT reflect sunlight against the mirror glass. 

I really like this mirror and want to purchase it in bulk for my salon or barbershop. Can you offer a discount?

If you are considering purchasing our mirrors in bulk, please email us at to inquire about potential wholesale pricing.

How do I clean the mirror?

We recommend wiping the mirror with soft cloth, water and a little soap when cleaning the mirror. Dry the mirror with a soft cloth after wiping.

Since the mirror is made of glass, what if I received this broken or chipped?

No worries, we’ve got you covered! Simply contact us using this contact form or you can email us directly at and our awesome support team will get back to you within 24 hours.